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Kawasaki - Insurances

As a proud Kawasaki motorcycle owner you undoubtedly want a choice of insurance products that offer the best possible protection for your needs. Kawasaki Insurances offer a wide range of insurance options and cover to suit your riding style, with a choice of optional extras to enhance your protection.


To protect your bike against accidental damage, fire and theft, as well as covering your legal liability for damage to someone else’s property, Comprehensive Motorcycle Cover is the answer.

We insure your bike for an agreed value at the beginning of the policy and at each renewal. This means you’ll always know exactly how much your bike is insured for, and how much you’ll receive if your bike is damaged beyond repair and not replaced or stolen and not recovered.

Benefits of Comprehensive Motorcycle Cover include:

  • Cover for an agreed value

  • New motorcycle replacement for bikes less than 24 months old*

  • Reimbursement of up to $500 for emergency accommodation and travel expenses

  • Hire car for up to 15 days if your motorcycle is stolen ($100 maximum per day)

  • Premium discount if you qualify for a no - claim bonus

  • Up to $4000 coverage for clothing and safety items specifically made for motorcycle riding purposes (up to a maximum of $1500 per individual item)

  • Helmet cover up to $1000 if it is damaged.

As a bonus, comprehensive motorcycle cover has plenty of additional optional benefits:

  • Named rider discount where you nominate who is insured to ride your motorcycle

  • Rating 1 no-claim bonus protection (additional premium may apply)

  • Easy monthly payments via direct debit.

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